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10 Coaching Sessions

10 private coaching sessions, 45 minutes each

  • 7 hr 30 min
  • 950 US dollars
  • Encinitas

Service Description

Do you have these questions? What just happened? Why doesn't this feel like a normal break up? Why am I obsessing about my ex? Was my ex a Narcissist or Sociopath? Were they cheating on me? Was the whole relationship/marriage a lie? Did this person ever love me? Why won't they provide closure or explanation? Are you currently in a relationship that you can't break free from? Do you have a Narcissistic parent, family member, partner or spouse that you struggle to break free from? Do you feel like you are trauma bonded to a Narcissist? Are you trying to divorce a Narcissists or Cluster B and your head is spinning over the lies, deception, manipulation and financial abuse? Are you trying to co parent or have joint custody with a Narcissist and you are facing difficulties no parent should have to face? If you are asking yourself these questions or feeling like you may have Complex PTSD from Narcissistic abuse I can help you navigate through and find healing and peace on your journey. I know how you feel as I am a survivor of Narcissist abuse myself as well as a coach. If you need someone to help you through this healing process with empathy, compassion and practical tools and tips to navigate through your healing process I can help.

Contact Details

  • Encinitas, CA, USA


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