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Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2011.30 Unlocked equzave




txt I have removed the ALL.BAT file from these 245 maps and have then tried to change the Unlock Wizzard Wizard in ALL.SCR to use the blank file I have created in Step 2. When I run ALL.SCR there is now no difference in unlocking any of the maps. Is there anything I have done wrong? A: The issue I had was that when you use ALL.BAT to unlock all the folders it has created a file called mapkeys.txt within the folder which it has unlocked. This file is very large and if you create a blank mapkeys.txt file this will also unlock all of the folders. When I removed this file it unlocked all the folders. Q: How to read the raw html from an in memory file in core 2.1 I have an in memory file located at "~/MyCache/version.txt" which is located in the root of my web app. I want to read the raw content of that file to use it in my controllers. I have tried using File() and HttpPostedFileBase but both require me to actually have the file located on disk. I tried this. StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader(new FileStream(Server.MapPath("~/MyCache/version.txt"), FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read)); var version = streamReader.ReadToEnd(); Which requires me to have the file on disk, but when I get to this line I have no physical copy of the file. When I try to do it manually like this. var file = new File(@"~/MyCache/version.txt", "version.txt"); var version = File.ReadAllText(file.FullName); I get an error, "Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'System.IO.FileInfo'. " I need to be able to read the contents of the file into a string. Here's a simple way using File.ReadAllText: string path = @"~/MyCache/version.txt"; string contents = File.ReadAllText(path); Make sure to add a using statement at the top of your code file for any File, Stream or StreamReader objects that are declared. using (StreamReader streamReader



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Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2011.30 Unlocked equzave

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